USER GUIDE Welcome to Infinity Market ! Infinity Market is a Play to Earn(P2E) service platform
that allows you to earn cryptocurrency through various games.
Let’s learn the setup on how you can enjoy Infinity Market.
  • 1. Create Your Account
  • 2. Get Infinity Stones
  • 3. Conquer the Planets
Get Started
USER GUIDE 1. Create Your Account
  • 1) Create Rush Account - Rush Account is your boarding pass to Infinity Market.
    - You can create the account easily using email.
  • 2) Connect to Rush Wallet - Create Rush Wallet to store coins that you earn from playing games.
    - If you already have Rush Account, please connect wallet to your account.
USER GUIDE 2. Get Infinity Stones Enable or use P2E features of the game, you need to have an Infinity Stone.
  • 1) What is Infinity Stone? - Infinity Stone is a tool for mining coins.
    - There are 5 grades of Infinity Stones.
    - High-grade Infinity Stone will help you acquire large amount of coins.
    Go to Summon
  • 2) Join a Spaceship - By joining Spaceships, you can borrow Stones for free.
    Join now
USER GUIDE 3. Conquer the Planets In Infinity Market, there are planets that you can play and mine coins.
Enjoy and earn more by playing!